CJA Three Year Assessment

Every three years, the CJA Task Force must undertake a comprehensive review and evaluation of how the State responds to child maltreatment and make training and policy recommendations for improvements in child protection systems. The Task Force has completed its current assessment and identified several priorities to direct the use of CJA funding in the coming years. A copy of the report is located at this link: CJA Assessment Report.

2019 Request for Applications

CJA funds are for programs to reform State systems and improve processes by which States respond to cases of child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse and exploitation and cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities. CJA funds are to be primarily focused on the front end, intake and investigative piece of child welfare. The RFA for the FY 2019 Grant Program is tentatively scheduled for release in May 2018, pending the completion of the 2018 CJA Three Year Assessment.   The FY 2018 RFA is provided for reference only:

Please review the 2018 Request for Applications (RFA) located here.

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