Webinar Library

CourseAvailable UntilAudienceTotal CJE/CEUsApproved Family Violence Training Subsections
Promoting Public Confidence in the Judiciary6/30/2024 11:45:00 AMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
Criminal & Juvenile Procedure for Court Professionals8/30/2024 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
88th Legislative Update8/31/2024 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
Excel Topics for Court Professionals9/30/2024 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
Caseflow Management & "Judge Speak" for Court Professionals12/13/2024 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
Self-Represented Litigants: A Guide for Court Professionals3/31/2025 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
Timelines, Deadlines & the Appellate Process: Juvenile4/30/2025 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
Go Home Alive: Security Strategies for Texas Courts4/30/2025 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1 Hour-
An Insider's Guide to Handling Challenging Communications5/31/2025 11:59:00 PMCourt Professionals1Hour-
Multi District Litigation for Judges6/30/2024 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour-
Bail and Magistration Education8/1/2024 11:59:00 PMJudges8 Hours1 Hour FV (d) 3
Judicial Tools To Reduce Recidivism in DV Cases8/31/2024 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour1 Hour FV (d) 4
Monica's Law & Victim Impact Statements in FV Cases9/30/2024 11:59:00 PMJudges2 Hours2 Hours FV (d) 3 (d) 4
Guardianship Update 202310/31/2024 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour-
Animal Cruelty - Linking Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence12/31/2024 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour1 Hour FV (d) 4
Protective Orders4/30/2025 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour1 Hour FV (d) 3
SB6 Refresh4/30/2025 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour-
Sudden Cessation of a Law Practice: A Guide for Judges4/30/2025 11:59:00 PMJudges1 Hour-
HB 291 Occupational Driver's Licenses8/31/2024 11:59:00 PMOpen to all0.75 Hours-
DWI Resource Course9/16/2024 11:59:00 PMOpen to all27.75 Hours-
Big Trucks, Big Issues: CDLs, Masking and Impairment11/30/2024 11:59:00 PMOpen to all0.75 Hours-
The webinars will be held using Zoom Webinar. All session links, course materials, and more are hosted on Brightspace, TCJ's Online Conference Platform: Instructions on How to Access